“It has been a journey of self discovery. I sincerely encourage anyone to do this. It has put me in touch with myself again and taught me things more valuable than gold. The best thing I’ve done for myself this life time. Thank you to my group and my teacher for the revelations.”

Fiona Hare – Singer/Songwriter

“I am a writer. Four words I never thought I would say. Doing Write On! helped me realise that I am not only able to say those words but to believe them, and more importantly write them! Doing this workshop was like kicking a massive rock over and finding something that has always been there, just there, hiding, in the comfortable dooming weight of the rock. I found something there. I found my voice. I found my story. Thank you Write On! “
Nadezna Pieters – Creative Director

“My goal this year was to get out of my comfort zone and find out what I want to do with my life. Write On has given me a platform to do this. It’s a highlight of my week! I wanted to write non-fiction but never thought that my story had any worth only to discover the total opposite. All in all I can only recommend to anyone who wants to take up writing or wishes to expand their horizon to book a course with Write On! ”

Anna Steiger, Immigrations Consultant

“Write On taught me things I didn’t know I needed to learn. It’s a safe space, where you can explore ideas and feelings you don’t want to venture near. And through that, discover honest writing which is therapy for the soul.”

Zuleigha Dhansey – Private Banker

“The thought of writing had always intimidated me even though I am a creative person by nature. I never expected to achieve so much within 6 short weeks but the Beginners Course has opened my mind to developing a new creative skill and a wealth of opportunities. Amy creates a safe space in which to write openly and honestly without judgement. I cannot wait to begin the Advanced Course and thoroughly recommend Write On to anyone.”

Matt Newman – Actor

“I started attending the Write On classes having no idea what to expect other than what I heard from a friend, who said that it was fun and that it challenged him to think differently about his writing. To me, it was so much more. The skills and confidence that I’ve developed in my writing have spilled over to the rest of my life, enhancing my life in many different ways, such as improving the way I approach my painting and sculpture work. Write On doesn’t teach you the a-b-c of writing, it teaches you the 1-2-3 of telling your story and finding your voice in writing, giving you tools and encouraging the discipline and courage to face your fears and fight your inner critic.”

Janet Bezuidenhout – Artist and Designer

“My brain is still buzzing! I went to the Creative Week Cape Town Write On workshop and it was the best R100 I have ever spent! Thank you!”

Ayesha Adams – Landscape Architect

“I participated in the beginners and advanced courses at Write On and also took a couple of drop in classes. I loved the experience even though it was daunting at the beginning. Amy was very good at facilitating a supportive environment. It’s been a year since I have attended the class but I still find that I use a lot of the writing skills I learnt in Write On! I also met so many inspiring people that made the experience that much more fun. ”

Toughedah Jacobs – Researcher & Project Manager

“Doing the Write On! classes this year has allowed me time to explore my mind, reflect on the past and grasp fiercely to new opportunity in my life. Amy has taught me startlingly well the ability to defy my inner critic and embrace my writing voice. In addition to the mental clarity and emotional stability this course has ignited in me, it has allowed me the confidence and conviction to travel, write a memoir and pursue further education. In short, Write On! has been life changing for me and I recommend it to anyone, because everyone needs inspiration in their life.”

Christina Masureik – Business Manager

“There are different forms of education; The most effective learning is from each other and this course opens that door. Typing is one thing. Writing on paper is a different experience. There is power in writing longhand and in journaling; this course shows you the exquisite beauty which is your potential.

Amy epitomises gentle yet firm encouragement. Her honesty creates a space where memory, history and emotions can unravel, revive and rejuvenate. She allows you and your words to journey and find your voice then lets you speak. This is rare.

The difference in my life is marked. I write more. I take on more challenges. I walk knowing that my presence has value and is worthwhile. I speak more honestly. I express my emotional state better than before.

Write On! releases you. If you doubted that you were a ‘real’ writer, do a course or workshop to quieten that voice. If you are hiding your power by not writing, do this to embolden yourself. If you want something new in your life, do Write On! to unleash the opportunities. This is ultimately an investment in your quality of life. Yes, it is that good and important.”

Noélle Koeries – Deputy editor of a national publication



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