More Than Cancer

Who were you before cancer?

Is cancer the only story that you’re telling?

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

More than cancer is a project by Write On! in which patients, survivors and people affected by cancer will be given an opportunity to tell your stories, share, laugh and let go in a safe space. It is a place to express yourself without fear of judgment – a place to play, reflect and release what has hurt you. It is a place to tell your story in your own words and document your journey. Experience the gift of support while remembering and rediscovering your strength.

No previous writing experience is needed to participate. This is not a traditional creative writing course in that you will not be taught story structure but rather how to access your stories within and unblock yourself creatively.

This course is limited to ten people to provide a supportive, relaxed and safe environment for personal development and healing.

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About More Than Cancer:

Cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery can be a challenging and stressful process. Writing your story can give patients, survivors and family affected by cancer an outlet to express their feelings in a non-judgmental and confidential environment. Research proves that writing boosts mental, physical and emotional health, improves immune system function, reduces inflammation and helps with pain reduction. It helps reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, reduces stress and improves stress resiliency in patients. When you repress emotions and silence your stories and voice, your ability to heal emotionally and psychologically is weakened. Writing offers participants a safe space to release negative thought patterns and change their story to one that better represents who they are in their own words.

It is important that people are given the opportunity to humanize their journey during the process of rehabilitation or at the end of life and that their cancer does not become their identity. Scientists and shamans agree that people across every culture who perform personal rituals transcend the stress of loss. This loss can come in many forms and by acknowledging and identifying the loss, participants can let go of stories that no longer empower them and are free to create a legacy for themselves and loved ones.

The process of writing your story is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, self discovery and creative expression. Our vision going forward is to facilitate workshops, courses and one on one coaching both online and in person for both cancer patients, cancer survivors and those who have been affected by cancer through loss of a friend or family member. Workshops and courses will cover different aspects of self expression using various creative techniques, overcoming the negative inner critic and unblocking psychological blocks through the medium of writing. By writing and telling their stories, participants feel empowered, improve their confidence and are no longer bound to narratives in their lives that no longer serve them. The workshops and courses are designed to help people overcome their fears of writing or self expression, create structure during the creative process and to play in a supportive, relaxed environment.

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