She’s got bite marks on her tongue from all the things she never said – Dear 2016: A one day workshop for women




Earlier this year, we ran a competition for men to tell their stories about the women in their lives. Since then, I have felt there is a great need for there to be a safe space for women and teenage girls to experience the sacred circle of sisterhood. So it is with much excitement and an open heart that we present to you a brand new one day workshop exclusively for women starting in December.  This is an invitation for the healers, the storytellers, the dancers, artists, bookworms, leaders, mothers, aunts, bosses, therapists, personal trainers, sisters, tom boys, doctors and sisters to stop giving and worrying about everyone else for just one day and come back to themselves.

2016 has been one helluva intense and stressful year on so many levels and it seems that we have ‘checked out’ even earlier than usual. Whether you celebrate the religious holidays or not, the intensity of this time of year has already hit full full force and makes one want to just crawl into bed with a book and shut out the noise of the world.

If you’re in the end-of-year- head space and want to take some time to reflect or you are already feeling overwhelmed due to the expectations that have been put on you, Dear 2016 is a one day workshop that will give you a chance to be supported and the space to breathe during the silly season.

If you are feeling run down, anxious, disconnected or stressed and could do with some calm and clarity, join this sacred circle of sisterhood and dive into your feminine power through creative self expression.

In this one day workshop, you will be given an opportunity to tell your stories, share, laugh and let go in a safe space. It is a place to express yourself without fear of judgment –  a place to play, reflect and release what has hurt you in 2016. It is a day to clear away the old that no longer serves you, to see what lessons 2016 brought you and give you a chance to focus on what kind of year you want 2017 to be. It is a place to dream without fear and invite wonder, magic and adventure into your life.

Various creative and healing activities will be used to help you learn to take better care of yourself. You will spend a day with the gorgeous view of the ocean and mountain as your backdrop in Camps Bay. Depending on the weather, we may take a stroll down to the beach to reconnect with nature. It will be a day of remembering and reflecting, meditation, storytelling, letter writing, gift making, eating, drinking, making art, creative ritual and magic. Learn how to be more gentle with yourself and to share what is in your heart without fear of criticism. Experience the gift of sisterhood while remembering and rediscovering your strength.

This is an invitation to each woman or teenage girl to let go of her anxiety, her work, her worries, her need to belong, to be accepted, to impress or to be perfect and simply come home to herself wherever she is.

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Please note that spaces are limited and bookings are made on a first come, first served basis.
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