5 Reasons Why It’s The Right Time To Tell Your Story (Yes YOU!)



Maybe you’ve been reading this blog for a while or you’re new here (Hello!)  but still don’t consider yourself a writer. Maybe you used to write but someone killed your fire by judging your work. Maybe you’re heart broken and feel creatively stuck or exhausted, overworked and burnt out but yet those stories you have been longing to tell are still waiting to be let out.

If a part of you no matter how small is still dreaming of writing, here are 5 reasons why it’s time for you to start telling your story (whether you feel ready or not – and by the way, you NEVER feel ready!)

1. If you are interested in words, stories, poetry, songs, books, films or any art form with some sort of narrative – you should be writing. Being a writer does not mean you have to be published or on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Being a writer means that you have the ability to say exactly what you mean. Being a writer means that you can convey any emotion or thought to anyone in a beautiful and meaningful way. Being a writer means that when you write whether it’s a journal entry or an email, you feel more like yourself. Being a writer means that you turn to words when you’re not feeling great and as a source of comfort or therapy.

2. Writing has been proven to have major psychological benefits. Write it all down. Write down what hurts. Write down your secrets. Write down your memories. Share the good times with your loved ones or light a fire and burn your painful past. Either way, get it out of you and Write On!

3. We all have to start somewhere. Nobody writes a best selling book overnight. There are many online courses and marketing ‘gurus’ claiming to get you thousands of followers for your blog but what if instead of focusing on the numbers in your audience, you spent your energy doing the work? If your goal this year is to write then that’s what you should be doing. When last were you consistent with your daily actions? When last did you write every day no matter what? Nobody said it was going to be easy but if you really want it, it’s possible.

4. If you want to write, you can’t be passive. Writing isn’t something you only think about. You can’t wait for inspiration to strike or for your muse to show up. In Writing Scared, we show you how to create a writing routine that you starts you and keeps you writing.

5. Ever been told you’re too sensitive or emotional? Do you ever get told to stop getting so hysterical or intense when all you are doing is expressing how strongly you feel about something? Don’t apologize. Don’t dim your power because others are scared of your light. Don’t let their insecurities become your insecurities. Keep shining & sharing your story even if your hand or voice shakes.

Over six weeks, we will be dealing with our inner critics, finding our voices, creating new habits, remembering and retelling stories from our past, unearthing hidden gems that have been blocked due to fear and sharing the experiences that have shaped our identities. We will be discovering our stories and in the process rediscovering who we are.

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Until our next post, Write On!