What nobody tells you about writing

The problem with writing is that unlike other art forms we use it on a daily basis. Our days consist of shopping lists, an email to a co-worker, a comment on Facebook, a text message to a friend – we have replaced connecting face to face with social media and it has left an apathetic and disjointed feeling behind – one which we on some level or other associate with writing.

Writing however is so much more. It can be used as a cathartic means of self exploration and healing. When you become unblocked and free of your inner critic, you are compelled to write no matter what. We write because we have to – purely for the joy of self expression.

Writing at it’s best is an art form. Don’t make writing just another annoying to-do list on the back burner of your life. Reclaim your love of words and the excitement of awakening a part of you that you left dormant due to criticism from others (and yourself).

It will be frustrating and scary at the beginning and it may take a few re-writes but aloow yourself the space to get it wrong. Write simply for the delight of finding yourself and the stories locked within.

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5 Unexpected Ways Writing Will Change Your Life For The Better


You might still be wondering why you should take one of our writing courses. After all, how could writing make a difference in your life?

Could writing your story really have a deep and profound impact?

Here are 5 unexpected ways writing will change you for the better.

1. Writing down your thoughts and feelings will allow you space – space so that you can stop obsessing and over analysing about things that you feel you have no power or control over. It’s a cathartic way of processing inner conflicts or negative thoughts and by writing them down, you begin to release them.

2. We are living in an age where most people share their daily lives online but are starting to forget how to connect with themselves and each other. We may be documenting what we look like, where we are and even what we’re eating but are finding it harder to share and process our rich emotional inner lives. By journalling, you will increase your sense of gratitude and will be able to see how far you have come and how your thoughts have developed.

3. Writing can hold your negative emotions but also allows you to think big and dream. We often avoid writing down our dreams for fear that they either will or won’t come true. By writing down what you want, you create a world of possibility. This provides clarity and motivation and reduces the chance of falling into self sabotage or self-limiting beliefs.

4. Writing down your secrets gives you a safe space to explore things, you may not yet feel comfortable sharing for fear of judgment or disapproval from others. The page does not judge you and if you write about things that are particularly negative – rip up or burn the pages afterwards. Watch symbolically as those negative feelings burn away.

5. Writing will help you connect to who you are. By writing down your story, you will gain insight as to why you are the way you are and what makes you tick.

We are ultimately a combination of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, who we were and who we could be – are you the hero in your life story? If not, why not? You are the author of your life and your story matters. Every choice you make has an impact on the people around you and starting today, you can begin the journey back to you through writing.

If you want to join us for our upcoming introductory course, but still feel like you have nothing to say or don’t know how to start – leave it to us to help you take that first step. Everyone has to start at the beginning so stop letting your fear or negativity win and give yourself the chance. You already have so many stories within you from all the people you know, places you have been, jobs you have done and experiences you have had. It’s time for you to to tell your story without fear of judgment or criticism.

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