What are your writing dreams for 2016?

Happy New Year! We wanted to acknowledge our readers from across the world and thought you might like to know how far our Write On! community stretches.

In 2015, we had readers from 26 countries (and that’s just from the people who read our blog or newsletter).

We want to send a big thank you and shout out to all our readers in South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the United States of America, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Russia, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Indonesia,Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain. Saudi Arabia,  Oman, Kenya, Madagascar, Swaziland, Tanzania and Taiwan!

If we did not mention your country, please contact us to let us know where in the world you are reading this from – we love hearing from you!

We believe that telling your story is not just for creative or artistic people. Everyone has a story to tell. You do not have to write a book or publish poetry to matter. Telling your story is way bigger than the success or accolades that people often associate with writing. Telling your story helps release you from fear, it helps connect you to others and it shows you the value of your life and who you are. The proof is in the work we do with both corporates and students. We are all people with fascinating complicated lives and we all just want to be acknowledged and heard.

2015 was an incredible year for Write On! We had a record number of students attending our classes, workshops and courses. We did a variety of creative workshops for all sorts of companies to help empower and connect their staff through writing and getting over the need to be perfect, Some of the highlights include working with the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation in which we taught over 40 unemployed youths (aged 17-23) skills on how to use writing to help them gain employment and see their value in their stories.

We also worked with 15 sex workers and facilitators at S.W.E.A.T. These brave men and women told their stories and what obstacles they have to face on a daily basis.

Our final end of year workshop was held for Empanda Consulting in which we facilitated a movie making/story telling workshop. Fourteen men and women reflected over what kind of year 2015 has been and what they wanted to achieve this year – it was powerful, moving and many tears were shed.

Remember, it’s okay to start writing even if you have no clue as to what you will write about. That’s where we come in. To help you find your voice, what you want to say and how to say it. You already have all the skills you need to tell your story but what we offer is accountability, support and a safe space to express yourself without fear of judgment or criticism.

Due to public demand, we will be starting for the first time, regular classes in the mornings (normally we do this at night). So for those of you, who have been unable to attend in the evenings, we look forward to seeing you bright and early!

Stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time and sign up for Kickstart Your Creativity in 2016 – an introductory course starting on Monday 25th January 2016. This is a reminder that all newsletter subscribers receive an early bird discount on the course price if a deposit is put down by Friday the 22nd of January. Please remember to mention that you are a subscriber when making your booking to be eligible for the discount. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and spaces are limited. Payment plans are available.

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Will 2016 be the year in which you finally allow yourself to start writing no matter what?